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Space Flight Laboratory Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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AAC SpaceQuest Fairfax, Virginia, United States Of America
Aeroflex Motion Control Products Hauppauge, Ny, United States Of America
Airborne Composites The Hague, Zh, Netherlands
C | 
CDA InterCorp Deerfield, Fl, United States Of America
China Great Wall Industry Corporation Beijing, China
COM DEV International Ltd. Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Comtech AeroAstro, Inc. Ashburn, Virginia, United States Of America
D | 
Dynetics Huntsville, Al, United States Of America
E | 
Elecnor Deimos Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain
I | 
ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space Delft, Zh, Netherlands
M | 
MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) , Richmond, Bc, Canada
O | 
OHB AG Bremen, Germany
P | 
Planet Labs San Francisco, Ca, United States Of America
Q | 
QinetiQ Space Kruibeke, Belgium
S | 
Space Dynamics Laboratory N Logan , Ut, United States Of America
Space Flight Laboratory Toronto, Ontario, Canada
SpaceTech GmbH Immenstaad, Germany
Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC Englewood, Co, United States Of America
T | 
Tethers Unlimited Inc. Bothell, Wa, United States Of America
Z | 
ZIN Technologies, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio, United States Of America



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