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Sapienza Consulting Noordwijk, Netherlands
Space Flight Laboratory Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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ACTA, Inc Torrance, Ca, United States Of America
AECOM Arlington, Virginia, United States Of America
Aetheric Engineering Ltd Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Applied Defense Solutions Columbia , Maryland, United States Of America
B | 
BeaconSeek Ltd Luton, Beds, United Kingdom
Braxton Technologies, LLC Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States Of America
Business Analytix, Inc. Bordentown, New Jersey, United States Of America
C | 
China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom) Beijing, China
Cosmica Spacelines Colomiers, France
Critical Software Technologies Ltd Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
E | 
e2E Services Ltd Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
eOsphere Limited Newbury , United Kingdom
etamax space GmbH Braunschweig, Germany
G | 
GEO Space Limited , Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
H | 
Huckworthy LLC Washington, Dc, United States Of America
I | 
Ingenicomm, Inc. Chantilly, Va, United States Of America
Institute Of Nanotechnology Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Intelligent Consulting Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Intergraph (UK) Ltd Swindon, United Kingdom
IOT Systems, LLC Hagerstown, Maryland, United States Of America
ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space Delft, Zh, Netherlands
Isp International Space Propulsion Limited Aylesbury, United Kingdom
J | 
JMSA Consulting Inc. Galveston, Texas, United States Of America
K | 
Kosmas GEORING Services Ilioupolis, Greece (hellas), Greece
L | 
Leeward Space Foundation Americus, Ga, United States Of America
M | 
Martin Ince Communications Limited London, United Kingdom
MEI Technologies, Inc. Houston, Texas, United States Of America
Millaworks LLC West Chester, Pa, United States Of America
Mullard Space Science Laboratory Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom
N | 
NUBRON INC. Santa Clara, California, United States Of America
P | 
PACE GS Washington, Dc, United States Of America
Pixalytics Ltd Plymouth, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
R | 
RPC Telecommunications Limited Ipswich, United Kingdom
S | 
Sapienza Consulting Noordwijk, Netherlands
ScanEx RDC Moscow, Russia, Russian Federation
Space Flight Laboratory Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Space Medicine Associates, LLC Belcamp, Md, United States Of America
Special Aerospace Services, LLC Boulder, United States Of America
Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC Englewood, Co, United States Of America
T | 
Telespazio VEGA UK Ltd Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Ten Tech LLC Engineering Services Los Angeles, Ca, United States Of America
TTE Systems Ltd Leicester, United Kingdom
TWI Limited Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
U | 
University Of Bradford Bradford, United Kingdom
University of Nebraska Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program Lincoln, Ne, United States Of America
W | 
Wyle GmbH Cologne, Germany



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