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Sapienza Consulting Holding BV and MOLTEK Consultants Ltd  enter into due diligence process for the acquisition of MOLTEK
Noordwijk, 24 September 2018 – today, Sapienza Consulting Holding BV, the holding company of the Sapienza Consulting Group, has signed a Head of Terms for the acquisition of MOLTEK Consultants Ltd’s shares, and entered a due diligence process.
Andrea Bennetti, Group Commercial Director of Sapienza Consulting said:
 “We have known MOLTEK for a long time as a competitor and partner, and we truly respect their long-established brand, which is synonymous with strong expertise in Space Engineering both in ESA and EUMETSAT. For this reason, we chose MOLTEK as a main subcontractor for the tender we won in 2017 for the Competitive Frame Contract for Industrial Support to ESA Directorates. This acquisition is at the centre of our strategy to strengthen the Sapienza Group position in the European Space sector with competences in Earth Observation, Satellite Operations and Ground Segment.
We will now enter a due diligence period with a goal to successfully close the acquisition on 31 December 2018. It is our intention to keep the MOLTEK brand and its operation mostly unaltered. The responsibility for the leadership of MOLTEK will be kept within the Sapienza Group, and Sapienza will appoint one of its experienced Directors to manage MOLTEK’s operations.”
George Sekulla, Managing Director of MOLTEK said: 
“Having collaborated and competed with Sapienza over many years, we found our organisations to have similar values, culture and business ethic. A union of our skills and resources with Sapienza will enable MOLTEK to provide a more comprehensive service to our key clients in the face of strong competition
We are looking forward to working together with Sapienza and we will make further announcements as more details are agreed."
About Sapienza Consulting Group:
A leading European provider of Workforce Solutions Services and Technologies to demanding clients, in high-tech, high-reliability, and critical sectors such as Space, Defence and Security
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About MOLTEK Consultants Ltd:
MOLTEK is an international technology and consultancy organisation providing knowledge and resources in core skills to organisations within the Space, Defence, Aviation, Air traffic Management, Financial Service and Manufacturing industries.

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