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LIFT, the innovative talent matching startup, launches Schiphol Career app

Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, 12 October 2017
Lift BV, the The Hague based startup behind the innovative AI-based talent matching solution Lift, is proud to announce the launch of the Schiphol Career app during the LCS 10th year anniversary symposium on “The integral airport employee”.
Lift BV was commissioned to develop the customised version of Schiphol Career iOS app to extend the reach and attractiveness of the airport labour market to a wider audience of potential employees who share the same values, passions and interests as the airport employers.
Lift founders Nicole van Haelst and Robbert Dijkstra say: “We could not have dreamed of a better client to offer our Lift platform to than LCS and the Schiphol Airport labour market community. We want Lift to make a difference by helping job seekers find new opportunities based on soft-skills and enabling employers to connect to talent that would otherwise not find them. We are very happy to be able to do so with such a prestigious client and on a scale that can make a serious impact to the local business economy.”
LCS Director, Dionne Vorst says: “We were looking for a solution that would help us attract more talents to the Schiphol labour market by offering them an exciting way to access new career opportunities that do not only match their skills but also their personality, preferences and most importantly, their values. LIFT promises to be such a game changer in talent acquisition. We could not miss out on this opportunity to enrich the talent management strategies for our LCS members with this unique and innovative tool.”
About Lift
The easiest way to discover companies, vacancies and other career opportunities that match your Passion, Purpose and Potential.
By swiping cards with easy to answer questions, we get to know what you like and give you (career) recommendations. You discover companies and positions that fit your interests, whenever you are ready for the next step in your career. Download the app at
Media information contact:
Nicole van Haelst
Founder and CEO
Phone: +31 (6) 5498 0909
About Luchtvaart College Schiphol (LCS)
Aviation College Schiphol (LCS) joins organisations in the aviation sector, education and government with the vision to develop a sustainable labour market by initiating innovative programs for people working at the airport, and those with the ambition to start.
LCS connects companies, regional education and regional authorities to help overcome the imperfections of the labour market. LCS aims to contribute to a strong labour market by enabling people in this fast-changing professional world.
LCS is a foundation with funding partners including Schiphol Group, the ROC of Amsterdam and KLM.. The strength of the network of LCS is crucial to its ability to correct the imperfections of the labour market.
Media information contact:
Dionne Vorst

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