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Vacancy STEM Didactics Expert
Location: the Netherlands, Noorwijk, ESTEC
Deadline: 30/06/2017
Reference: 83567
Contract duration: Permanent Contract
Sapienza is looking to recruit a STEM Didactics Expert to work at ESTEC in Noordwijk. Under the responsibility of the Head of the STEM Education and Outreach Unit, in line with the ESA Educational policy, strategy and objectives, the incumbent will develop and deliver didactic content and activities related to STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at secondary school education level, with a special focus on sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geography, etc.).
Design and deliver teacher training modules (on-site and, when needed, off-site) that use space science as a teaching and learning context for secondary-level curricular subjects; in particular, whenever applicable and in close collaboration with the ESERO Science & Project Coordinator, coordinate with the ESA ESERO national offices for the design, co-production and delivery of such training modules to the benefit of ESA Member States;
Design and produce classroom resources/activities on the subjects covered by the above teacher training modules (in different formats: classical printed lessons, practical/lab activities, tablet applications and content, etc.); in particular, whenever applicable and in close collaboration with the ESERO Science & Project Coordinator, coordinate with the ESA ESERO national offices for the design, co-production, and delivery of such classroom activities to the benefit of ESA Member States;
Adapt/update/upgrade existing teacher training modules and classroom resources/ activities when required;
Contribute to the design, and manage the implementation of ESA challenges and competitions on the subject of sciences for secondary schools at European level (e.g. using micro/hyper gravity platforms to perform experiments, such as Drop Towers, etc.);
Contribute to the procurement actions for material items and services needed to implement the activities; the logistics associated to the activities;
Collaborate with the ESERO Science & Project Coordinator for the promotion of the teacher training sessions to the benefit of the whole ESERO network; equally promote such opportunities within all ESA Member States;
Support the outreach, promotion and dissemination of ESA primary and secondary education activities, through appropriate channels and in compliance with ESA Education outreach guidelines, in the area of concern;
Contribute in general to the design and implementation of ESA STEM informal education projects at secondary school level, also addressing role modeling, STEM/space careers and gender issues;
Support the evaluation of education activities against Key Performance Indicators in the area of concern;
Respond to the direct contacts and external requests from education partners and the European education community;
Support in general the activities of the STEM Education and Outreach Unit when requested.
In addition, the incumbent shall:
Provide inputs to the definition of educational activities for ESA missions to the ISS;
Support the definition of the requirements for on-orbit activities, the development and testing/review process of educational payloads and the preparation of documentation and procedures for on-orbit execution;
Support the implementation and coordination of the agreed pre-flight, on-orbit and post-flight activities, collect the results and distribute them to the involved target audiences;
Organise and manage educational in-flight calls and ESA’s quota of ARISS contacts;
Support the participation of ESA to the ISS Education Working Group composed of ASI, CSA, ESA, JAXA, Roscosmos and NASA.
Master’s degree or equivalent, in Engineering or Science;
At least 4 years of previous relevant practical working experience
Knowledge of European STEM school curricula, with a focus on Sciences;
Specific experience in the design and development of didactic content on scientific subjects applied to secondary school curricula;
Direct teaching experience and/or teacher training experience;
Sound knowledge of ESA and the space field;
Experience in international environments;
Project management skills and experience;
Capability of establishing and maintaining interfaces within and outside the Agency; capability to respond and adapt to the needs of the European education communities;
Autonomy in the execution of tasks and ability to manage workload, identify priorities and strategic actions; ability to cope with pressure, meet deadlines and deliver on time;
Creativity; strong conceptual, analytical, interpersonal skills; ability to work in a team;
Good communication skills, verbal (in public and during formal meetings) and written;
Fluent in English; knowledge of another Member State language is an asset;
Candidates must be eligible to work in the EU.

For more information contact:
2201 BB
Tel:     +31 (0) 71 407 6518 (BV) +44 (0) 1483 890 298 (Ltd)
Fax:     +31 (0) 71 407 6536


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