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New revolutionary way to recruit talents for the space industry in the Netherlands, UK and beyond
Manchester (UK), 1 June 2017 – Sapienza Consulting Holding BV, the holding company of the Sapienza Consulting Group and LIFT BV (one of its participating companies) announce at the UK Space 2017 Conference that they will extend the deployment of the revolutionary Lift app to cover the UK territory within the next few months.
LIFT is a start-up based in the Netherlands which is revolutionising the recruitment world with its talent matching mobile solution based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and big data.
Already well established in providing talents to industry leaders in the space industry and to space agencies such as ESA and EUMETSAT, the acquisition of a share in Lift is a game changer in the way Sapienza can attract students and professionals from across sectors for its clients.
Andrea Bennetti, Commercial Director of Sapienza, says:
“The space sector, like many other high tech sectors, struggle to find and retain highly skilled personnel who will work on ground-breaking technologies and missions. Whilst the industry is generally recruiting within the existing space sector, LIFT provides the opportunity for employers and professionals to broaden their perspective, by matching an organisation’s Passion, Purpose and Potential with those of individuals at various stages in their career who would otherwise not necessarily think about a career path in the space sector.”
By matching Sapienza’s in-depth understanding of the space sector and the innovative solution provided by LIFT, Sapienza will provide a UK-dedicated networking platform that will bring more effective results in terms of recruitment and retention of talents within space companies.
About Sapienza Consulting (Holding BV) Group
The Sapienza Consulting Group is a leading provider of Space & Defence mission and project support through people, software and services. Since 1994, Sapienza has been a supplier to the European Space Agency, as well as the other key players of the European institutional and commercial space sector. The Group now consists of strategically located offices and subsidiaries in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, The United Kingdom, Belgium and France.
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About LIFT
The easiest way to discover companies, vacancies and other career opportunities. Based on your passion, purpose and potential, Lift gives you personal career recommendations that match your profile.
How does it work?
By swiping cards with easy to answer questions, we get to know what you like and give you (career) recommendations. You'll discover companies and positions in your area that fit your interests.
Whether you're actively looking or quietly browsing, Lift is in the background to spot new positions for you. So when you're ready for the next step in your career, you can easily find the opportunities available. Download the app on
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