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HE Space is one of the top engineering services companies in the global space sector

We are passionate about people and passionate about space.


The company is managed by CEO Claudia Kessler in a way that is unique in two respects: in the male-dominated space sector, she oversees a management team that is 50/50 male female. And, having had its 30th anniversary in June 2012, her enterprise can look back on a history of intensive and successful co-operation with important enterprises and institutions in the international space business.


The firm’s international team recruits space experts for the European Space Agency (ESA), for EUMETSAT and for the European space industry. Our industry customers include EADS-Astrium, Kayser-Threde, Jena-Optronik, SES Astra, TESAT Spacecom, IABG, Spaceopal and Euro Cryospace.


Supplying every link of the chain

The bandwidth of jobs on offer to space specialists, from technicians and engineers to scientists and even future astronauts, covers all professional disciplines in the sector and, by the same token, the entire output chain: from design, production, and quality assurance to integration, launch, and operation, the services performed by employees on the ground cover all project phases. The same holds true for administration, marketing, law, and public relations. At present, there is a very urgent demand for spacecraft operations engineers in Darmstadt, Galileo database analysts in Oberpfaffenhofen, and quality assurance managers in Bremen and attitude control engineers in Noordwijk.


What counts is not only a candidate’s qualification. The company attributes equal importance to social skills which are needed both for working with team members at HE Space and with customers. One of the company’s major concerns is to promote the careers of women in the space industry. At the initiative of CEO Kessler, herself one of the still-small number of female aerospace engineers, an organisation called Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA) was founded in 2009. Networks of this kind intend to improve women’s chances to enter leading positions in the space industry, thus adding a little cultural diversity to this male domain.


We understand what our customers expect


Based on thirty years of experience in the space industry, the specialists of HE Space know more about their clients’ needs and the status of the space industry recruitment market than any other enterprise, which enables them to recruit experts for highly demanding jobs, and to meet client demands quickly. Moreover, the fact that management has profound and detailed knowledge about the sector’s technical requirements, working environments and project structures is of great benefit. The company’s recruitment team follows all current and future space projects closely so that it can respond quickly to any demand.


HE Space employees work in a great variety of space programmes, including international projects such as MetOp with its reliable satellites operated by EUMETSAT to monitor and forecast the weather, the European 'flagship project' Galileo, the provision of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) by the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), and the European Ariane-5 launcher programme.


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